J’Accuse !!!!: New York Broker Michael Fasciglione Suspended by FINRA. Claims settled for $525,000 and $80,000


Two FINRA claims were filed involving Michael Fasciglione’s and National Securities Corporation. The claims allege suitability, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and/or churning.

The claims were settled for $525,000 and $80,000. FINRA reports of 6 other settled claims involving with prior brokerages.

Michael Fasciglione has been licensed with Aegis Capital Corp since September 2017; previously Fasciglione was licensed with National Securities Corporation. In December 2014, Fasciglione was suspended from the securities industry for 1 month and fined $5,000 by FINRA.
FINRA also reports that Michael Fasciglione was previously censured, barred for two months, and ordered to re-take qualifying exams by the New York Stock Exchange Division of Enforcement.

FINRA states that a separate claim involving Fasciglione’s conduct with National Securities Corporation is pending. That claim alleges unsuitability and misrepresentation seeks $23,000 in damages. Yet another claim was settled for $300,000.
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